Hi All,

2013-02-23 12.23.01

You must be knowing the famous Pingu.
No!!, How come, Have a look here..
Oh!!, now you remembered.
So I loved watching the Pingu Cartoon when I was in school & College too.

But now I made her in Crochet. Yes Pingu is a Good Girl.

2013-02-23 12.22.32

LInk to Ravelry Page Pingu
Pattern Link Amigurumi Penguin



6 thoughts on “Pingu

  1. Hey,, thats very cute.. your daughter must be happily playing with it.. sorry.. small suggestion.. you could have replaced the pink with black to give the natural penguin effect.. but its very little and cute.. you have lot of patience 🙂

    • Thanks Pavi. The Reason is I want to finish the odd balls of yarn which are lying without any use. So I made it in Pink, I have a black ball too, but that is marked for a project 🙂
      But if that project never happens( which is more likely) , I will use it for another Pingu. I really liked the pattern.

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