An Adorable Project (After all)

Hi All,

If you have been visiting this blog for a while, there is one project (though there are many today we will concentrate on “The One”) which was almost close to failure.
Not getting, I don’t complain about you, I’m such a irregular blogger. It is this.

Kutch Embroidery Pallu

Kutch Embroidery Pallu

This Saree has quite a history. To give you a recap, Few years back, when I was over enthusiastic and less realistic, I bought a pure silk saree without zari border with the intent of doing Kutch work. After almost a month of postponement, I went to the other side of the city to get the design printed. Some miscommunication, the squares were printed for silk threads, whereas I had planned for Cone threads(Cone threads are thicker & easy to handle than 2 strands of silk threads).

Without much of heart break, but with some doubts seeping in, I started off. Initially I started on the inside of the border, practised a little bit. Then started the pallu. Oh it was hardwork. I almost gave up many many times but kept pushing myself. Now I realise I was punishing myself. But I did complete the Pallu or scarf part of the saree. Hurray.

And in due course, I finished the motifs on the body too. But when it came to the border, I gave up. It was too hard to do on the border.

Challenges were many. First, I could not fix the frame, the lower part of the saree was not getting fixed in the frame & was sagging in the middle. I have never done embroidery without frame. Even if it is straight stitches it was always with frame. Beads, I ran out of beads twice, not because of the quantity but because of the quality, 1 in 3 beads were faulty. Also with the frame, the beads at the ends were breaking. And I was crying.

I still tried and completed quite a length but as I said, I ran out of Beads. Also I realised that I’m not enjoying these, I was quite a beginner and doing saree level embroidery was a struggle. So I postponed it for my good health.
So it was ungraciously sitting under the bed for more than 2 years.

And when I came across Anita’s Blog, I saw her Kasuti Saree. I sadly remembered mine.
Then the conversation picked up and I got an idea to make it into a Wall Hanging.

And So I did it. Here it is neatly framed.

2013-03-22 23.25.52

The Framer ๐Ÿ™‚ (Ok, the person who did the frame) really did a good job. It is not a glass frame, it has wooden support at the back and the front is covered with thick plastic sheet. It is safe & especially light weight. For this length, if we had gone for Glass framing, it would have weighed very heavy. Luckily, the framer( pls read the brackets again) suggested us these and it was pocket friendly too ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-03-22 23.25.14

Ahem, Yes, It has not been hung and I promise you that it wont take 2 more years.



Aloo Tikki & Angry Bird

Hi All,

Pls let me make it clear in the beginning.I did not make Aloo Tikki and there is no recipe in this post.

So Long long ago, there was “Hello Kitty” sticker in the bathroom & Harshini whenever she gets in sees the sticker & yells “Hallo Tikki”. We did try to change the pronounciation from Tikki to Kitty. But u know kids right, the more u insist, the more they rebel.
So it remained “Hallo Tikki”.

And I made this for her. A kitty ๐Ÿ™‚ A pink kitten.
2013-03-01 05.40.07

We named it “Hello Kitty” and spontaneously it became ” Hello Tikki”. She became happy with the long tail. She holds to it and spins the kitty. And in all the huff puff, it became “Aloo Tikki”.

2013-03-01 05.40.47

And thus Aloo Tikki came into this blog post.
Now to the crochet details,this is my second Ami and I paid little attention to the number of stitches. The pattern asked for steady decrease with color changes, since I did not change color, I did not decrease also :-). Later when I found the mistake, I compensated for all the decreases and made it as 1 decrease. I finished it after the pingu, as I did not have fiberfill at that time.

The buttons are added for fun, it is supposed to look like flowers & leaves, but looks like incomplete Vโ€™s. And I got the stuffing from Mahendra Novelties in Raja Market , Bangalore.
If you are a Bangalore based crafter, you should visit the place at least once. I went there for the first time and loved the place. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do not imagine dangerously, I bought only the fiber fill, though there were many things tempting to make a giant hole in the wallet.

Ravelry project Page: Hello Kitty
Pattern Link :Crochet Cat
Yarn Pink Acrylic 4 ply from stash
Hook 4.00 mm

And the next one is Angry Bird. No name change for it. But there is a color change.

2013-03-06 06.10.01

The actual pattern is for the Yellow bird but I did not have the yellow yarn and I did not like the Blue Bird. So I made this. And even the blue got over so finished it with White.
Iโ€™m not able to understand how to fix eyes which will be expressive. All my Amiโ€™s always have a confused look ๐Ÿ™‚ very similar to mine.

2013-03-06 06.09.40

Harshini loves the Head feathers & spins the bird holding it.

Ravelry project Page: Not so Angry
Pattern Link :Yellow Bird
It is available as free pdf download in Ravelry. But you should have a login.
Yarn Blue color Acrylic 4 ply from stash & white is Vardhaman Millenium.
Hook 4.00 mm

So my Ami love continues. I was telling that I’m going to make an elephant or pig next. Ppl at home say “make a tail without fail for Harshini wants to only spin ur toys” So what, I’ll have fun making it, she will have fun spinning it.

Have a nice day & Take care


My first Award

Hello All,

Congratulations to my Blog for it received its First Award.
Pavi from Crochetkumari has kindly awarded the “Leibster Award”

From Embroidery Blog Pictures

Though I have seen this Award in other blogs, never looked up to find its meaning. It means “Dearest” & also relates to “Favorite”.
Now I have some followers & ppl who favorite my blog. Oh I’m glad, mighty glad.

So here goes the answers for the Questions asked by Pavi.

1.When did you start crocheting and from where/whom did you learn crochet from ?
I started crocheting during school days. I did not learn from the school though. One of my friend’s (who lived in the same street) relative had come to her place and she was making head hair bands with crochet. So my friend learnt it from her relative and a bunch of five or six girls learnt from her.
It was really fun making them, we learnt only sc, dc. No joining, ch3 for first stich, but we made lot of different items. One of the girls made long chains & sc. Oh god, we did many discoveries & inventions at that time.
Later it was stopped forever. We moved on to Gardening, Water coloring, cycling & so on.

Later I picked it up again in the year 2010 when I was diligently following Ninu’s blog.
I saw these crochet flowers and was dying to make it. Eventually I made them, though I never blogged them.I did not even take pics, It went to another learner of crochet as inspiration.

I would have stopped after a while if not for Ravelry. After entering into Ravelry, the love for Crochet, color, inspiration grew exponentially.

2.If given a lovely turquoise blue ball of yarn and given one hour what would you crochet?

My Current inspiration is Amigurumi, probably we all are in need of Turquoise elephant with pink trunks ๐Ÿ™‚

3.What habit would you give up if asked to do so from today?
I don’t have much of Bad Habit except for internet addiction.So it will be very hard to give up.
Really donno, I don’t seem to give up any of my habit.

4. Whats your Work in Progress ?
Nordstorm Crochet Hobo Bag inspired from Crochetkari’s Golden Yellow Bag.

5. Which one do you prefer.. Thread crochet or Yarn?
I prefer yarn only for the ease of working. For the beauty, elegance, my vote is for Thread crochet.

6. One school friend you are still in touch with – ?
Few are there, my cannot say that I’m really in touch with them. I can reach them if there is a need.

I’m more glad because now I can pass on the same pleasure to 4 more people.

Chitra of Jizee6687’s Weblog on hand embroidery journey

Anuradha of Twin Hobbies

Uma of UmaCheenu’s Blog

Usha of Bead Creationz

And my set of Questions here ๐Ÿ™‚

1. What drives you to be crafty?

2. If you have been doing crafts for quite a while, can you tell the difference in your work before internet & after internet

3.Do you wish to talk/explain about the craft you have made to strangers(to any ppl who don’t actually understand the craft?)

4.Do you participate in trekking & Outdoor sports. Pls elaborate a little bit on ur experience.

5. Other than craft, do you have another Hobby, Pls tell us about that.

Thanks Again to CrochetKumari for her kindness.
Have a good day All,



Usha Janome Allure – My New Sewing Machine

Hi All,

Almost a month back, I bought a new automatic sewing machine. I loved to own a automatic machine for a long time. I had the basic Tailor model Singer Merritt machine for around 2-3 years. I got the machine as second hand from a tailor where I learnt sewing. The machine was good, but I was not regular, so it often cracked and I had to repair.
Overall, it was good, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to buy a new machine.

To be honest, it was not the affordability, it was my commitment to sewing which bothered me and took long time in decision making. I don’t sew my dresses, though I learnt the basics, somehow my measurements are not perfect and with the limited time, I was not able to sew patiently. Did I tell time here?

Ok, this post is becoming a rant, so please bear with me.

I love to sit & sew in the machine, but my daughter does not like that, so she comes & grabs everything that is their in the machine’s table which are unfortunately sharp & harmful ( scissors & seam rippers, even the tape, she puts around her neck !! )

So I could sew when she sleep right, but again I have a job & so I will be away at that time. Our entire home sleeps by 10:30 , so sewing after 10:30 will make noise & wake up my daughter.
So with all these limitations, I postponed my wish of owning a sewing machine.

But at the beginning of this year, I felt a great urge, it is Now or Never.
So I browsed a lot abt sewing machine reviews, service centers etc.

There is a Sewing Machine review by Suma which was very detailed & nice. But unfortunately, I did not go for Bernette as there was no nearby dealer (near my location HAL) & also I wanted to exchange my old machine, so it will require 2-3 visits to the chikpet market.

Singer I heard has technical issues so settled with Usha Janome Brand Sewing Machine.
Next was deciding the model, I was contemplating between Stitch Magic and Allure. Stitch Magic has advanced & user friendly features than Allure.

I compared the features of Allure & stitch Magic and found all my requirements being satisfied with Allure. So finally zeroed on the Make & Product, So it is Usha Janome Allure.(Not very Basic nor very Advanced.)


Pic Courtesy : Usha Janome Allure

I bought it from SKB Enterprises in Marthahalli & exchanged my old sewing machine. The entire buying was very smooth & the shop keeper was helpful & patient.
I got a quick demo from the shop keeper on the various stitches.
Later almost after a month, I got demo from the Usha Service Center.
He spoke only Kannada & I tried to understand as much as I can.

The Machine is very easy to use & needs a sturdy table else it vibrates.
The machine came with standard foot( Normal foot,zipper foot, Buttonhole and also a plate(small) for embroidery. They have provided a Accessories Catalog which lists the other feet available for this machine.
So if you require a Pin Tuck foot or a Ruffler foot(and many more I wished for these 2 & so it remained in my memory), pls check your nearby dealer, he may be able to source it for you. I’m planning to buy both of them by the end of this year.
Now I got a new machine, I’m waiting to sew so many things which I ogle endlessly in the web.