Organizer for a Googler

Hi All,

I love Google and keep searching for all things I donno/not able to recollect.
Sometimes for spellings, sometimes to search for blogs where I would remember only a particular post or name of FO.
Google Saves me.
Yeah I do believe in God but I don’t want to disturb Him for all my petty searches. Google works fine.

And now I wish, my house has a Google server to search for the items I misplaced.
No No not only crochet/craft items, In general I’m perennially( got the right spelling from Google dear) searching for items in my house.

Initially I used to wear salwar, Kameez & Duppata and will start searching my cup board for getting 1 matching set. If I get top & bottom for 1 set, dupatta will be missing. I would have gotten the Dupatta & bottom for other and will be searching for Top.
Later I switched to the happy Jeans & Kurta. I can match anything with everything. No Questions asked 🙂

Now coming back, so last to last week, I was searching for my passport size photographs & then for bank passbook in the cupboards & drawers.

Ok to Cut the never-ending Story, Here is my organizer.

2013-02-09 17.47.18

As you can see, the top part is quite longer than required. So I stitched 2 buttons & draped it in hanger and stitched 2 buttonholes.

Here is the latest version.

2013-02-16 16.28.34

I made the buttonholes with my new machine. It worked well though it has to do it over 3 layers of fabric.

I’m a learner in sewing, so please excuse the tapering ends and the mistakes in sewing. I will do a better job next time.

2013-02-09 17.47.36

And this embroidery was long finished and blogged here.

Though the sewing is not up to the mark, the organizer is good & sturdy( I added the interfacing between the outer cloth & lining. The same is done for the pockets too).

It is now hung on the wardrobe door and can be easily removed & washed when required.



5 thoughts on “Organizer for a Googler

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