Twin Homes

Hello All,

I wanted to post on yesterday(Monday) but got postponed.
The crochet birdhouse which I made for my friend got appreciations from all corners, so I thought I will do one for my sister and one more for myself.

And Here are they 🙂

2013-01-16 08.21.02

This is for my sister as she loved the blue-orange combination.

2013-01-16 08.18.23

And the buttons were bought from Jayanagar by my dear friend 🙂 (I’m transportation challenged and will take forever to go & buy things)

And this is for me, though in the pic it appears like mustard, the color is close to Golden

2013-01-13 07.52.02

I tried to write a pattern in the beginning but somehow lost it in between.
But if anyone is interested, pls let me know I can add wordy explanations. As such making of the bird house is super simple for anyone who knows crochet(only sc, sc2tog is used)

It was fun working with the colors. Crochet pieces are really quick to make. Sewing and Arranging things, getting buttons and fixing them in stages are really time consuming.

2013-01-12 06.40.33

You can see the Girlie Gang is fun project also being blocked together. Yeah I made them and did the fevicol treatment together for all.

2013-01-02 22.10.15

And here is the Ravelry Page :Twin Homes

Have a great week.
Love to hear from you.



7 thoughts on “Twin Homes

  1. Hi, Sangeetha! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I also checked out your beautiful blog! Your twin homes are so lovely! And you are not alone, I also don’t have any conveyance, so have to always take my husband along with me for yarn shopping and so on 🙂

  2. Twin homes are beautiful. I want to make one. please put up the instructions.
    Thanks for the comments of my blog on my kasuti motif. Give it a try. You will definitely go for a project in kasuti.
    can u tell me the cost of the sewing machine. Can we make embroidery stitches with the help of that. I want to know about that. If possible can u put a review of the sewing machine(if time permits) with its features or can u send me the details to my email. I want to buy one but confused which one to buy. thanks in advance.

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