My Sewing Attempts

Hi All,

February was delightfully started with a new purchase. The most fondled purchase, yes I bought an Automatic Sewing Machine.
I was deciding on buying either Usha Allure, or Usha Stitch magic, as Singer reviews were just bad.
Bernette 15, a model from Bernina is also popular. I read a nice & detailed review here.

And Finally I choose Usha Janome Allure model, it was satisfying all the needs and I was able to buy it hassle free.
I exchanged my old machine and got the new one, all in one easy evening.So I’m glad that the buying process was such a smooth one.

Now I’m yet to get a demo but got a nice demo from the dealer.

This is my first full project, I did alter, sew something before this, but this the “The First” project.

A Needle pouch (organizer) inspired from here.

2013-02-07 18.04.22

The fabric are scraps from dress materials and I have placed a sponge inside.

2013-02-07 20.48.40

Sorry the pic is 180 degree tilted.

But it is quite comfortable & the velcro is not too stiff.

2013-02-07 20.48.20

There are lots to improve. But it is ok for “The First”



6 thoughts on “My Sewing Attempts

  1. Hi Sangeetha,
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    Even if you have never run / walked before RH will help you take that first step!
    Hope this helps, in case you need any more information / help do feel free to write –

  2. Hi sangeetha,
    Im glad i came across ur blog.. I am considering buying a sewing machine formostly craft projects (read DIY stuff for my lil son, maybe a bit of alterations ). I was thinking of usha stitch magic after reading some users’ reviews. I also stumbled upon the bernette15’s review from thesame link tht u hv shared.. Now im not sure which one to go for n wht to consider before choosing…
    Personally i have zero knowledge about which machine is good… I had one singer model earlier which had more problems than productivity 😦 so i was wondering if u could help me out… What made u choose the allure against stitch magic or bernette15?


  3. hi sangheetha,
    i just wanted to inquire that how long have u being using the usha janome allure…… and did u face any sort of problems with its functioning till date…… if any plz tell me what were they. because i am planning to buy the same model from usha. so i need some help……. please reply as soon as posssible……


    • Hi Kritika,

      I have been using my Usha Janome for less than 1 year. So far it has not given me any problems.
      Also I dont stitch for more than few hours a week. So stability/durability wise I have not fully utilized the machine.

      The good thing about sewing machines is it comes with Warranty for 2 yrs so from where u r buying, u can get things serviced free of cost.
      To answer your question, I have not faced any problem with its functioning till date.

      Pls let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. Hi Sahan,

    I chose Allure over stitch magic purely for the low cost. Allure costs
    around 8.5K whereas Stitch magic is 13.5K.
    Also my requirements are simple. All that I understood in stich magic
    is it has more automatic stitches & quilting tools, which I thot will
    be rarely used and so could not be convinced for the extra 5K. So
    settled with Allure.
    So far, no problems faced in Allure.It is running well.
    I too thought & googled lot about sewing machines before buying.
    If you have time, do chk about Bernette. Few more ppl are having and
    even that is a good one which is costing around 9.5K. My prices are
    approx so check once with the dealer itself.

    Take care

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