Organizer for a Googler

Hi All,

I love Google and keep searching for all things I donno/not able to recollect.
Sometimes for spellings, sometimes to search for blogs where I would remember only a particular post or name of FO.
Google Saves me.
Yeah I do believe in God but I don’t want to disturb Him for all my petty searches. Google works fine.

And now I wish, my house has a Google server to search for the items I misplaced.
No No not only crochet/craft items, In general I’m perennially( got the right spelling from Google dear) searching for items in my house.

Initially I used to wear salwar, Kameez & Duppata and will start searching my cup board for getting 1 matching set. If I get top & bottom for 1 set, dupatta will be missing. I would have gotten the Dupatta & bottom for other and will be searching for Top.
Later I switched to the happy Jeans & Kurta. I can match anything with everything. No Questions asked 🙂

Now coming back, so last to last week, I was searching for my passport size photographs & then for bank passbook in the cupboards & drawers.

Ok to Cut the never-ending Story, Here is my organizer.

2013-02-09 17.47.18

As you can see, the top part is quite longer than required. So I stitched 2 buttons & draped it in hanger and stitched 2 buttonholes.

Here is the latest version.

2013-02-16 16.28.34

I made the buttonholes with my new machine. It worked well though it has to do it over 3 layers of fabric.

I’m a learner in sewing, so please excuse the tapering ends and the mistakes in sewing. I will do a better job next time.

2013-02-09 17.47.36

And this embroidery was long finished and blogged here.

Though the sewing is not up to the mark, the organizer is good & sturdy( I added the interfacing between the outer cloth & lining. The same is done for the pockets too).

It is now hung on the wardrobe door and can be easily removed & washed when required.



Twin Homes

Hello All,

I wanted to post on yesterday(Monday) but got postponed.
The crochet birdhouse which I made for my friend got appreciations from all corners, so I thought I will do one for my sister and one more for myself.

And Here are they 🙂

2013-01-16 08.21.02

This is for my sister as she loved the blue-orange combination.

2013-01-16 08.18.23

And the buttons were bought from Jayanagar by my dear friend 🙂 (I’m transportation challenged and will take forever to go & buy things)

And this is for me, though in the pic it appears like mustard, the color is close to Golden

2013-01-13 07.52.02

I tried to write a pattern in the beginning but somehow lost it in between.
But if anyone is interested, pls let me know I can add wordy explanations. As such making of the bird house is super simple for anyone who knows crochet(only sc, sc2tog is used)

It was fun working with the colors. Crochet pieces are really quick to make. Sewing and Arranging things, getting buttons and fixing them in stages are really time consuming.

2013-01-12 06.40.33

You can see the Girlie Gang is fun project also being blocked together. Yeah I made them and did the fevicol treatment together for all.

2013-01-02 22.10.15

And here is the Ravelry Page :Twin Homes

Have a great week.
Love to hear from you.



My Sewing Attempts

Hi All,

February was delightfully started with a new purchase. The most fondled purchase, yes I bought an Automatic Sewing Machine.
I was deciding on buying either Usha Allure, or Usha Stitch magic, as Singer reviews were just bad.
Bernette 15, a model from Bernina is also popular. I read a nice & detailed review here.

And Finally I choose Usha Janome Allure model, it was satisfying all the needs and I was able to buy it hassle free.
I exchanged my old machine and got the new one, all in one easy evening.So I’m glad that the buying process was such a smooth one.

Now I’m yet to get a demo but got a nice demo from the dealer.

This is my first full project, I did alter, sew something before this, but this the “The First” project.

A Needle pouch (organizer) inspired from here.

2013-02-07 18.04.22

The fabric are scraps from dress materials and I have placed a sponge inside.

2013-02-07 20.48.40

Sorry the pic is 180 degree tilted.

But it is quite comfortable & the velcro is not too stiff.

2013-02-07 20.48.20

There are lots to improve. But it is ok for “The First”



Sunshine & Rainbow


This is a quick baby shower Gift I made for my friend.
As usual, the yarn the Laura Knitting Cotton from my stash and I love the rainbow colors.

2013-01-24 15.24.54
Ravelry Page :For the Colorful days Ahead.
For Non Ravellers : For the Colorful Days Ahead

My best wishes to the lovely friend.

And here is a Giveaway hosted by Diapermum from Hongkong.


Rajeshwari’s projects are huge inspirations and they are versatile and more precisely very practical.
I have endlessly watched the colorful pics in her blog.

Have a look when you get time. The Giveaway ends by Feb17th so Hurry 🙂

Bye Bye