Girlie Gang is Fun

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2013-01-13 07.54.02

I made this for my cubicle mate and good friend. We 4 girls share this entire cubicle and it is a girls only cubicle :-). So she named it as Girlie Gang.

It became more like college girls chatting and giggling over all things. We bunked work went out for a day to a near by mall. And many more times went out for lunch. And sometimes extended lunch too 🙂

Made this for her B’day. After seeing, Attic24 christmas Card, I was thinking on similar lines and then decided to make like this. In my initial plan, the flowers had stems & leaves too and the Words were the first I decided.
But with the words, I found it difficult to place the stems & leaves so they were removed.

2013-01-11 19.04.04

Embroidery on the crochet is really tough in this case, , though it was simple backstich, my crochet has so many holes and I starched the piece before embroidery. So could not insert the needle at ease and sometimes pulling out stronger made the stitches pucker. Somehow I managed.

I have stash, but sometimes it is just Junk. When I want something, I don’t have it. Though I had some fancy buttons(with stone & enamel), I did not have anything flowery.
Later my other cubicle mate got the flower shaped buttons. And Finally finished it over the weekend.

Yarn: Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook : 4:00 mm
Ravelry Page : Girlie Gang is Fun


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