From the Land of Oz

Hi All,

Happy New Year & Happy Pongal to All.

I got a handmade gift from my sister in Australia. I asked for it and got it for my New Year.
During her early days, she has reproduced Tanjore Paintings( Calendar Painting showing Kings & warriors) in Indian Ink and it was a prized posession of ours. She also did a drawing and painting course and the book which was given to her as Study Material went on tour in our family.

She used to draw freehand designs and even decorated our Fridge door with a floral design.
In Between she lost touch and now she is picking her brush again.
I wish her All success in her Crafty Endeavors.

2013-01-02 19.55.00

It is a set of 4 canvas with the floral creeper starting in the below and growing upwards. She drew her own design, outlined with sketch and filled it with water colors.

2013-01-02 19.54.05

Pls forgive the blurr pics, night time pics in Tubelight added by the Plastic covering of the Canvas.
It looks so nice and lovely in real.



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