House of Love

Hi All,

2012-12-08 06.41.21

I made this after seeing the very popular Bird House Pattern.
I added love birds and made the project as House of Love.

Making it was easy and fun.Especially using the bright colors.
This is my second project is Laura Knitting cotton and it is easy, bright & neat.
2012-12-08 06.41.30
Birds, I saw many pattern and did mine with modifications from different ones. Heart is from the famous Teeny Tiny Hearts of Attic24.

After making the individual pieces, I dipped in water and then pinned it. I applied water-fevicol mix to strengthen it.

2012-12-06 20.37.48

It took long time to dry and I was in a hurry to gift it. So I joined them when they were partially dry, added my beads & buttons( loved the pink & blue buttons, they are simple shirt buttons, but once I placed them on the bird’s tummy.. they looked lovely).
And I hung them on the balcony sun for a while and viola it is crisp dry..

2012-12-08 06.41.42

I love the finish once I block and hang it.
Thanks for reading it 🙂 Pls post your comments.



6 thoughts on “House of Love

  1. Bird house is really beautiful. I do crochet in my free time and I have one doily and a bag. It was not stiff. You have mentioned that u have applied water fevicol mixture. how to apply it? can u clear me about that? Thanks in advance. I will come back to check your reply.

    I have gone thru almost all the posts of yours. Really wonderful collections of embroideries and other stuffs. Like to follow your blog.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      To block your doily, you need not use fevicol. Instead use starch.
      To make it stiff, you can increase the starch concentration.
      Generally, I use Stiff n shine and mix it in water. Dip the doily in it for 5-10 mins, till the doily absorbs enough water .
      Slighly squeeze with ur palms and spread and pin. Let it dry.

      If you want it more stiff say for a wall hanging, then mix 2 portions of water with 1 portion of fevicol.(if it is too thick then dilute it), then apply it on the doily with a paint brush or so.
      Then let it dry, it will be very stiff. When you apply fevicol. it wil become stiff and will not lie flat, that is why, I use Starch for doilies.

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