Between Meal Centerpiece

Hi All,

I love Doilies, it is with doilies, I started learning and doing crochet. The beautiful doily patterns and the wonder of being able to make lovely doilies from thread made me addicted to it. I have more doilies than any other crochet piece. But when I started making my BMC Between Meal Centerpiece. I lost my patience with doilies. It took forever for me to finish and that too incomplete. No more whining on it.

So here is the Doily I made and I love its look and feel. The Pattern is so beautiful, there were little confusions for me in some rounds.

Here it is My BMC in Full Glory πŸ™‚

2012-10-25 21.36.18

2012-10-25 21.38.06

It is bigger than all of my doilies. And I did it with Anchor knitting cotton which made it more thicker and bigger.

2012-10-25 21.38.48

All the stitches used were very simple and it is beginner level. The only skill u need is patience πŸ™‚
to complete all the 60 rouds, especially the last rounds, when each round takes so much time.

2012-10-25 21.39.42

I used Anchor Knitting Cotton thread and size 1.75 mm hook.
More details on Ravelry


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