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The below content is from the link http://www.archdaily.com/297941/meet-the-artist-behind-those-amazing-hand-knitted-playgrounds/
I came across the link from a Ravelry post by a member. Thanks to Nupur.

There are no words to explain about my senses after reading the article. The Structural beauty, the knowledge and above all, making things with Hands and epitome of it is giving it to Children.

This article will be remembered by me all the time.

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Happy Flower

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2012-11-11 14.01.24
Happy Flower was on my ‘must-do’ project for a long time. I wanted to do this as it is very lovely and colorful pattern from Attic24. I love all her decorations. Reading her blog is fun.
It will be very nice decoration for home or for gifting.
I bought the laura knitting cotton thread primarily for doing this pattern.
2012-11-11 20.11.09
The pattern was very easy to follow. And making the stem was little tricky but such an intelligent method of making leaf veins & stem.

2012-11-11 14.01.13

Leaves were also easy to do and I loved doing them. Choosing the colors were fun as well as stressful. I’m not that color sensitive. All I was doing before was dark-light combination. But this project is full of bright colors and I was quite confused on which one to pick next.

Thanks to my laura Cotton stash, I was safe.
2012-10-22 17.12.21
Once done, I stiched them all together using red Anchor knitting cotton thread. It is strong and thin (compared to laura) and it suited well.
2012-11-11 14.01.31
Then I dipped in water and dried a little. Then I applied fevicol on the back side without pinning. Pinning the project and applying glue would be the best thing. Since I’m scared that my daughter would get hurt , I don’t use pins. But without pins the leaves are not in shape.

Voila, the flower and leaves became stiff and I loved the stiffness.
I don’t have any button or bead stash in particular. I bought few beads(oval & round shaped) for earring making. That never happened, so used them in this project.
They all suited very well together.

As the name suggest, Happy Flower filled me with happiness while doing it and seeing it everyday.

I am planning to do more of this pattern later and I will remember to pin the leaves at that time.

Thanks to Lucy for sharing this wonderful pattern.

Ravelry Project Page: Happy Flower


Between Meal Centerpiece

Hi All,

I love Doilies, it is with doilies, I started learning and doing crochet. The beautiful doily patterns and the wonder of being able to make lovely doilies from thread made me addicted to it. I have more doilies than any other crochet piece. But when I started making my BMC Between Meal Centerpiece. I lost my patience with doilies. It took forever for me to finish and that too incomplete. No more whining on it.

So here is the Doily I made and I love its look and feel. The Pattern is so beautiful, there were little confusions for me in some rounds.

Here it is My BMC in Full Glory 🙂

2012-10-25 21.36.18

2012-10-25 21.38.06

It is bigger than all of my doilies. And I did it with Anchor knitting cotton which made it more thicker and bigger.

2012-10-25 21.38.48

All the stitches used were very simple and it is beginner level. The only skill u need is patience 🙂
to complete all the 60 rouds, especially the last rounds, when each round takes so much time.

2012-10-25 21.39.42

I used Anchor Knitting Cotton thread and size 1.75 mm hook.
More details on Ravelry