Diagonal Crochet

Hi All,

I wanted to try some different/not so easy crochet stitches but looks like I’m not skilled enough to acheive that. Nevertheless, I’m not going to stop trying. I will definitely attempt it.(Now no doubts about the product, it will have my stamp 😦 )

So to keep me going, I attempted a new but easy stich, the diagonal stich, or box stich.
I followed this picture tutorial here and it was helpful.
The stitch by itself is very easy.

And here is my attempt.

2012-09-18 15.59.51

2012-09-18 16.00.10

A critical eye can easily make out that the diagonal lines are not symmetrical in the FO, but it is only a pot holder and so pls excuse.



5 thoughts on “Diagonal Crochet

  1. Hi dear Namesake, 🙂
    Thank you for visiting me and joining my blog. I liked all your crafts. Your crochet projects are very good. I wish I had the patience for embroidery!
    Lets keep in touch. Love and hugs… to your little one too.

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