Park Love

Hi All,

I have some crochet projects to show u. But not today. Today it is about Park Love.
Yeah, we live in the city of Garden, Bangalore and Monday to Friday we see only concrete park viz Tech Park, IT Park and so on. On weekends, we make a habit to go to nearby and only park in our locality.

And here it is in full glory.

You have to accept & agree when I say the pic was taken around 12 noon. Love the shade, I won’t say they are full of greenery, but quite a number of trees to give all the shade required for the afternoon.

We spend our weekend afternoons regularly, playing ball & bat with harshini or harshini catching Appa or Amma or simply strolling in the pathways. Yes there are dogs , cows and goats. Little unsafe with them, but they are also part of this city and so enjoy their part of the park.

I like to say again, that is becoming our favorite time pass to come to the park and sit, play and while away some 1-1.5 hours with seeing the greenery, not to think about any other life pressing matters.

It raises the spirit. After all, life seems to be good. 🙂

Unfortunately, very few think like this as the park is always empty on weekends, (though I’m not complaining, we like to have fully for ourselves).

But It is pretty crowded on weekday evenings. People come here for walking and chatting and kids playing with cycles.

We have finally started to appreciate the little greenery that bangalore is trying to preserve.

Love the Uthakarsh park



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