Crochet Cushion

Hi 🙂

Ravelry is THE site for Crocheters and Knitters.
And the community feeling it gives, you love to do more.
So when the CAL was hosted by DesiLoop, I made this Cushion.

2012-05-01 17.57.23

The pattern is from Attic24, well not much of pattern, probably the idea.
I made simple granny squares and made simple flowers and stitched them together.

2012-04-29 21.44.04
Voila, such a pretty flowery cushion.

Inbetween, I almost left it as I went to my mom’s home and went on trips.
But the CAL made me finish, Infact I finished much outside the timeframe 😦 but I’m happy that I finished.

Washed and Killed it too. It became soft and no more stiff.
Later stitched it on top of a cushion cover( again self stitched) and filled it store bought cushion.
2012-04-29 21.44.20

Project:Flower Patch Cushion

Started March 17 2012
Completed April 29 2012

Progress Pics
2012-03-28 09.51.40

2012-03-28 09.52.38

2012-04-02 16.26.59



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