Little Miss Bag

Hi All,

Yes I am remembering my stitches to try post, and I’m working (little slow) on it.
But before that, as an attempt to bust my stash, I started working on this art silk or malai dori thread.
The color is very vibrant but crocheting with them was tough for me, it was slipping, too thick, difficult to control tension and what not.
Added to that, was the pattern selection which was proving wrong again n again.But finally settled with a neat pattern and finished the bag.
And here it is .

Little Miss bag ready to be gifted for a young little friend( actually Harshini’s friend)

2012-08-03 09.36.46 by sangheetha_26
2012-08-03 09.36.46, a photo by sangheetha_26 on Flickr.

2012-08-03 09.37.16

2012-08-03 09.35.54

2012-08-03 09.37.37

Ravelry Project Link here



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