Here it is Raining -Cellphone pouches

Hi All,

Finally the most awaited monsoon started and it is raining in Bangalore.

Well in my blog, cell phone pouches are ruling.

This one I started after attending the Ravelry meet  where I fell in love with a cell pouch with filet crochet ,wiggly flower and shell edging. But I could not get the same pattern as I failed to click a pic of it.

Here it is simple, crochet cell pouch.
2012-06-25 10.54.41

After this, I started another cell pouch with v-stitch, it started becoming wider. Also I very much wanted to try basket weave stitch at that time. So made a round of dcs and started the basket weave stitch. Basket weave stitch started expanding and so I stopped after 2 rows and closed the opening and started working from the other side.


Made one row of DC and bobble stitch with Tr to get height and finish fast. One more row with bobble stitch with dc and one row of v-stitch and BIG shell edging against the small shell edging I did for the first.

I am happy with the accidental shaping of the cell pouch.
2012-06-26 09.47.02

Third and the last one is in Red and for gifting.
Cellphone Pouch
Really loved making this, the edging is my own design and before the edging, made a round of dc blocks and gaps so that the drawstring can be woven on that gap.

The flower is reused from a hair clip 🙂

Have a good day






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