Fitted bed spreads

Hi All,

I was away from my blog as Ravelry gave me all I wanted to do hobbywise and so never came to check my blog.

But later I decided I should post my projects in my blog as well so that my relatives, friends, colleagues who may not be ravelers can have a look. Ravelry does provide a link by which you can make ur project viewed by public. It is link you can mail others who doesn’t have ravelry account but it gets lost in the mail chain and so I came back to my blog.

So Now Fitted Bed spreads, Bed making is really a tough task for me and it is utterly repetitive( almost every day) and I heard from my dear sister that she uses Fitted Sheets. She explained that it will have elastic so it is just needed to be slipped in.

I couldn’t locate any tutorial so went to Ravellers and they provided with tutorial links. Great ones and I made them in 2 days.

They are super easy and making bed is never tough, just billow the spread 2-3 times and slip into the bed every morning.

I’m loving it.

The tutorial link is here


If you are raveller , you can see the discussion here.


Now if you want to see the pic of the made bed, well to view it is no different. Only making bed is very easy.

Added the pic, just if you want to see..

Fitted bedspread

Fitted bedspread