Decorative Crochet

Hi All,

After the Silky smooth scarf completion, I was left with some lengths of both yarns.So I ventured upon these decorative crochet items.

They use up very less yarn and that too when mix n matched, even more less. I still have a very small ball left. Looking for some more  small things to do 🙂

The pattern links are here.

Floral Heart Motif 
Pretty Crochet Trim from Attic24.

Wall Hanging : Modified Japanese flower from my previous project and Wall hanging idea is from Ninu’s project here.

Tiny Bunting: from Attic24 but made dcs with 8chs and kept continuously decreasing in each round.

Crochet Bracelet  Flower pattern is from Attic24 and some other flowers made by myself.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.

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P.S: Despite being a very irregular blogger, I managed to reach my 75th Post. Hurray.Three Cheers to myself. 🙂

Also I donno why the pictures are getting cut. To view full size, pls visit Ravelry page