Silk Scarf

Hi All

Wishing you all very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I am showing my recent finish. A Silk Scarf.  Last year when I started crochet, I never imagined to crochet a scarf or sweater or any big project for that matter. And now I have surprised myself with this simple yet great scarf.

The scarf is so charming because of the Silk yarn which was bought recently at SilkIndian shop. What a wonderful place to shop and how much variety. A ravelry meet organized in that place and it was so much fun and encouragement to meet new people with similar hobby interests and also buy yarn. Wish to meet more and more and buy more and more.
My purchase on that day:

Silk Indian Yarn

Silk Indian Yarn

Silk Indian Yarn

Silk Indian Yarn

So far I have never worked with variegated yarn so my purchase was all variegated yarns.

I made a shawl by mix n matching as I did not have enough of yarn. I added some beads/hangings at the end and they are so lovely.

So my proud FO of the new year.

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

Please share your views and comments.

Ravelry Project Details.
Pattern Sezession I

Yarn SilkIndian Duke Silk Yarn

Hook 4:00 mm


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6 thoughts on “Silk Scarf

  1. Love your yarn purchases.. great colors. love your shawl.. the beads add a nice touch.. I’m so sad that I missed the meet. serves me right for being the truant that I am.. 😦

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