Hi All,

Most of my posts will have the title of the thing I wanted to show. Be it embroidery or crochet. But sometimes I am really lost.

I am not getting enough time to do the basic home stuff and not able to even imagine the rest.

Why is that some people find time for themselves while some others end up doing all others work and end their day in frustration and anger.

All these days, I missed my hobby and it has not done any good to me.

I can do decent embroidery, flawed crochet( I can proudly say all my crochet FO has one difference( mistake) from the original pattern. ) and disastrous sewing.

Sewing is the one which I love most but unfortunately I am lacking the patience and organizing capability when I am at runtime.

I spend more time in sewing but most of it goes in ripping the wrong stitches.

So I thought instead of being a dumbo, let me quit doing them.May be I am better at something.

But may be I’m not because  I haven’t found anything in past weeks which gives me the calmness I usually get my crafting.

So whether I am good at or not, I have decided to continue fervently on my existing hobbies.

So after  a hard task, I did this very easy phone cover.It fits properly on my phone and that is the most unexpected thing 🙂

Well, I started with simple DC as I did not use any pattern for it. In between I just skipped a st for a row and I liked the effect.

Mobile Cover

Mobile Cover

It is little tight for my phone and so I left both sides open so that I can push from one side to remove the cover, else it may become difficult to quickly take the phone out from the cover.

(see here again, I could have made this little bigger but crochet generally expands a lot so I thot it will be a proper fit. )

Now with the phone inside.. (taken from other phone 🙂 ) as u can see both the ends are open.

Mobile Cover

Mobile Cover

So this very simple phone cover has lifted my moods and it is the same thread I used for the bbbiggg doily.




6 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Dear Sangheeta,
    I find it wonderful that you keep doing your crafting no matter the results! And you have done many nice things! I like the frocks you make for your daughter, the decorations for home. And your hone cover is very nice!
    I am doing different needle crafts since many years, but it happens (and not seldom at all) that I need to destroy the work of several days or weeks because the final result does not look as I want it to be. This weekend I was knitting a gift for my sister, but finally had to rip it off as it was just pure wrong. I was upset that after all these years I have been knitting, I still could not make a simple item and had wasted 2 days on it. My husband then said to me that those 2 days were not wasted – I learnt many valuable things that will save me from future mistakes, at least in this particular area. And you know what? He is right. We never waste our time. We just learn more 🙂
    I wish you to keep up your crafting spark no matter the results of your work. Let´s enjoy the journey of crafting! 🙂

  2. Hey Sangeetha.. Don’t despair.. I think at some level all of us are plagued with the super-woman syndrome.. where we want to excel in everything we do.. I’m like you too.. when I get into a vicious cycle like this, I take a step back and force myself to understand that “hobbies are meant to be enjoyed..they should not stress you out..” take a break.. do something new. try a new hobby..or a recipe.

    What I find helpful is that I do a spring-cleaning of WIPs and organize my hobby area.. I frog WIPs that are hibernating too long.. put away the mess in my craft table/area..and start with a fresh mind. Hope this helps you too. 🙂

    • Thanks Josie..
      Let me try it.. I have so many WIPs with sewing only….
      But moods keep changing 🙂 These days I want to finish something quick and easy..
      Let me try.Thanks for ur comments..

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