Simple Frock

Hi All!

Baby Frock

Baby Frock

I stitched this very simple frock. I used an old frock as reference and stitched it.

It looked very plain after I finished stitching. So I made a satin ribbon gathered flower and stitched on the front. I used some satin ribbon as a waist band and left the extra to tie on the back.

Baby Frock

Baby Frock

It is not a neat sewing, but I learnt that we need to do overlock for children clothes or do a fold stitching for everything before joining pieces.

Anyways, it was easy to sew and gave me more courage to attempt on frocks.



4 thoughts on “Simple Frock

  1. c’mon! this IS neat sewing! lovely frock. love the satin ribbon.. adds zing to the frock. A cousin of mine delivered a baby girl and I’m itching to sew baby stuff for the lil one. now, you’ve given me ideas. 🙂

    • Hi…
      I did follow any specific tutorial, I took the idea and pattern from her old frock. It is simple sewing, you can try the same.
      Also there are lot of tutorial in the web.
      Good Luck to your attempt.

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