Hexagon Bag

Hi All!

Here is my hexagon bag.

Hexagon bag

Hexagon bag

I had this yarn for long time, after I made this baby blanket, I still had more of them and decided I will so something to finish it off. And was first planning for scarf ( Actually a knit scarf ) but then I realized I am anticipating too much. I have just knit a small sampler and have a looooong way to go before I can knit a scarf.
Then Kind of box like tissue box cover or something. Then I dumped all my ideas and decided to make a bag when I came across this link
I started making the hexagons and tried to join them with the Join as you go method. It is really useful but I found after few pieces it became too heavy and I was worried it will bend my hook. So I made the rest of the hexagons and joined them with needle and thread.

Hexagon bag

Hexagon bag

The handles are pending. I am looking for Round/Oval cane/plastic ready-made handles.

I have already lined it with white and pink printed fabric with 3 small pouches and Zipper closure. But I think it requires some re-work.

Hexagon bag- Insides

Hexagon bag- Insides

Have a look at my hexagon bag and let me know your comments.


P.S: This post is linked to WIP Wednesday of Tami’s Amis and Other Creations.


14 thoughts on “Hexagon Bag

  1. I love how your hexagon bag is coming along! The pockets on the inside are a great idea. It should look really nice once you find the perfect round handles for it. I’m excited to get around to making my hexagon bag whenever that is 😛

  2. I really like the fabric you chose for the liner, it looks really nice. I love to crochet because it goes faster (for me) than knitting and it’s easier.

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