It takes three attempts to stitch a box bag

Hi All

In the book “Three Men in a boat” by Jerome K Jerome, there is a saying “It always takes 3 girls to tow a boat, 2 hold the rope and the other one runs round and round and giggles”..
No offence here..
Fine, they also say “There is never a dull moment in the boat while the girls towing it” šŸ™‚

Jokes Apart, Finally I sewed my box bag listed here and ticked it of. It is not difficult but I am tired.
So this is my third near to success attempt.

Third Attempt -Final

Third Attempt - Final

And my second attempt is
Second One- Flat Bag

Second One- Flat Bag

Strangely it was all flat and for some minutes I couldn’t find my mistake. Later I realised it was in boxing the edges. Anyways I did not redo, this design also looks good.
And my first one!!
Big Pouch

Big Pouch

I was all in a hurry, so I finished it fast fast and turned it right side ready to witness my box bag. Well there was not a bit of boxiness or pouchy.. It was a flat biggggg purse.
I use this regularly to hold all my crochet threads and wools.It has turned very useful to me.

I am tired of making box bags now and more tired is my MIL. Everytime, I told her box bag, and after seeing the outcome, she was not sure whether it is success or failure and so kept quite. And finally when I got it in shape, she said Oh! This is what you were trying to make. I already have one in Rexine, you could have asked me!!
Alas, it is time for me to be quite.



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