Fabric! Fabric!


Now that I am trying my hand on sewing. I have seen lots and lots of patterns and tutorials in the web.
But I don’t have fabric to try them so last friday I went and got some cotton printed fabrics.
Here they are…

Printed Fabrics

Printed Fabrics

I have marked so many things to do and I am making a list here for myself.
It will remind me the things I was eyeing for so many days.

Fabric Tray seen here
pattern from here

Boxy pouch pattern from here

Grocery bag from here..

Puffy Pouch from here..

Poochie bag seen here pattern from here

Wristlets. Long back I have seen a wristlet which has 2 handles, one long and one short. The long one will be looped thru the shorter one and can be hung in hand.I want to make such a wristlet and thinking hard to make the pattern and stitch.

clutches from here

Lunch Box seen here pattern from here

And one more, I am going to make this set() as well. Pillow cases and Bedspread !!. It’s not for me. For one of my friend.
I hope I will keep it as a surprise till I finish. B’coz I have no idea how long it will take or whether it will materialize at all.


Btw, I got the green yarn as well.. so soon I will finish the Japanese Flower Garland.



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