Over the weekend, I tried my time in cooking as well.
We like crispy tasty snacks and so I was searching for Onion Samosa recipe in the web.
I came across this video of making onion samosa.
I tried and it came perfectly well.
It was all crispy outside and tasty onions & poha inside.
But next time, I would like to try by slightly frying the onions before stuffing.

Have a look at my samosas…

Onion Samosa

Onion Samosa

Oh Along with the cardomom tea…
With my Tea

With my Tea

And yes with a book.
Along with a book

Along with a book

Me & my husband are very ardent fans of Harry Potter series.. We have read the entire series many times and enjoy the book a lot.
It is not just a kids book, for anyone who is skeptical about reading a magical book, pls go ahead and start. You will be happy you did it.



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