Hi All,

I like sewing, it is faster than most of other crafts that I do like crochet or embroidery etc. But perfection in sewing seems to be a distant dream and very difficult to attain. I have a very basic sewing machine and I try things on that. And this is my recent trial.

Pencil Case

Pencil Case

It is not perfect, yeah but at least I was able to finish it.

Flat Bottom of Pencil Case

Flat Bottom of Pencil Case

The main part was did by weaving different colors of satin ribbons, it is very easy and fun to do it.I used jute cloth ( from one of my old kurti ) for sides and lining and used a fusing for support.

Insides are spacious

Insides are spacious

I could not get any batting/sponge nearby so used only the fusing.

The pattern/tutorial is from here.

Zippered Pencil case

Zippered Pencil case

Have a look at the pics and let me know your comments.




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