My Own Japanese Flower


I saw the Japanese Flower hanging in Ninu’s blog. It was so very sweet and I wanted to try that. But unfortunately, I could not get the pattern for the flower. I searched in net and found lot of pictures of the flower but not the pattern.
But that could not stop me from crocheting it so I tried to make up the pattern on my own. I tried the actual japanese flower and made this….

Japanese Flower

Japanese Flower

But I made changes here and there and I love this one..

My Own Japanese Flower

My Own Japanese Flower

I can call this my own Japanese flower…
I made the initial round dcs to a sc ring followed by treble cluster( bobble stitch with trs) and followed the rest of the pattern as I was able to see/read from the pics.

I have an idea to make them as garland like this but I am not sure whether I’ll have time to finish it.
Most of the things that I blog now are which I completed when I was enjoying my long vacation at my mom’s home 🙂 sweet memories..

Have a look and post your comments.


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