Crocheted African flowers

I wrote this and saved in drafts almost 10 months ago. Please read as if you are on Nov 2010. 🙂 🙂
Hi All,

I am doing more of crochet these days, I have started few embroideries but I am little more interested in crochet so I am going with my interests. 🙂

So I tried these African flowers , I saw them first on flickr pool and got attracted by its colorfullness.

Initially I thought of trying a tissue box cover, ( In web, anyone starting crochet , does a tissue box cover in the beginning I dont want to left as an outcast, so wanted to try it out) but then saw this African flowers soccer ball and fell completely in love.

Well I am not much interested sports these days, but once I played volley ball/throw ball in school college days and my dh is also a professional cricket player. So with an intention of re-kindling our past hobbies, I started making this soccer ball.

Well, making those 22 hexagons and pentagons was really tiring, one after another, I got bored to make the same pattern flowers. Only change was the colours, even that I stuck for 4 main colors so that was so much of repetitve task.

Finally I started assembling it as per the diagram provided in this page. All was fine, joining for hexagons with pentagons.
OMG!! I could not proceed after joining them as shown in pic.

The ball is all lying flat instead of being round, I was tempted to write and ask for help.
Later with courage, I started to join all the loose hexagons with adjoining pentagons.
The rule I followed was all pentagons should be covered on all sides and slowly the ball started taking shape.
Thank God, finally I made it.
But I learnt a very important lesson in this, unless I understand the pattern, finishing and final product look, I am not going to venture into any experiment.

Well, Have a look at the african soccer ball and post your comments.

Crocheted Africal Flowers Soccer Ball

Crocheted Africal Flowers Soccer Ball

I think it is kind of overstuffed.

Close- up

Close- up



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