Work In Progress

Hi All,

If you see most of my posts are WIPs. I am not that organized or efficient when it comes to my hobby. I get only less time for hobby everyday say 30-45 mins and anything I take I will be dragging it for atleast a month.  So I take more than 1 or 2 things at a time and juggle them. Advantage is that  I’ll not get bored because of the same design,color or pattern. Secondly, if it takes more time, I can console by finishing something simple in between. 🙂

I dont crib if I dont get to complete or finish the stitching( if you see, most of my embroideries are still un-stitched) because I know I will eventually do it and finish it. I have done it in past and I have no hurry 🙂 mainly because everything I do, I keep for myself. I rarely gift them, even so I dont pre-plan the gifts, if I finish and think it is a good gift then I gift it. I never set deadline and work because I know upfront I cant match them. After all creative minds should not be stressed for deadlines 🙂

I appreciate everyone in the craft world who are able to work setting deadlines and able to match them. They are gifted people and organized over a period of time. My bows to all of them.

Coming back to my WIPs, these are the ones I am doing now.

Floral Cushion

Floral Cushion

Floral Cushion

Floral Cushion

The above design is inspired from this website.

It is really a wonderful one, have a look at the website.
This particular design is available in this tutorial. It is originally for machine embroidery but since I liked the design, colors and very much the finished cushion; I drew and traced the same design and started hand embroidery on it.

Will finish it and post the picture of completed one.


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