Hi All,
This is another embroidery which I started just yesterday.

Peacock Design

Peacock Design

I copied this picture long back from google by searching for peacock, so I don’t have the link now. I am very sorry for it and If I happen to get it in future will definitely update the link.The original piece I think was done with only Jardosi.

I am doing this with interlaced chain and planning to decorate with different coloured Kundans. I want to use as many stones possible to make it more grand and shiny :).
But for that I needed a thick outline also, I don’t want jardosi as I am not familiar with sticking it.I know the method to stitch them and for that we have to cut them into pieces and tack them along which I don’t think will work for longer lengths(at least for me) . So settled with chain stitch.This is called interlacing chain stitch and saw this stitch long back in a TV program. It is different from checkered chain or magic chain where we have chains in alternating colors.

Interlaced Chain -Closeup

Interlaced Chain closeup

In this I made first line of chain stitch with red color. Later I whipped one of the arm(right side) from outside to inside finished the length and on coming back I whipped the other arm from inside to outside so it forms a braid like appearance and it looks more thick than chain stitch.
The orange and red threads combination looks very nice for this stitch but I settled with red and green so that I can use those color kundan stones.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.


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