Some Cellphone Pouches

Hi All,
These are some cellphone pouches which I made.
This one is mirror embroidery with kundans. The kundans used are the left over ones after I used them on this blouse.



The next one is from Anchor Needle n Thread Magazine, this is the simplest one available in that magazine so I tried this. 🙂

CellPhone Pouch

CellPhone Pouch

I used 6 strands of silk thread out of which 4 in red color and 2 in golden yellow. I have multicolor silk threads too but I liked the combination like this for such small embroideries. The chamki’s and beads are taken from my old dress. So it is a re-use component too.. 🙂

CellPhone Pouch Close-up

CellPhone Pouch Close-up

I subscribed for Anchor Needle n Thread Magazine last quarter but unforturnately never tried anything from those 2 issues I got. So I started this, which is a very easy finish. I like that magazine to read and see those pictures but I feel they are very time consuming and the technique is not explained in detail.
For Eg: I saw so many knitting, crochet patterns, but no information on how to knit or crochet, may be they assume all their readers are aware of it.To some extent, their assumption is right but still I feel there should be some detailed information on each technique when they show projects related to it.

Please post your views comments on this.


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