Mirror Embroidery Letter Hanger

Hi All,

I saw this Letter Hanger here and really liked it very much.
But I am not that fan of chain stitch and Aari is something I am not comfortable with.
I learnt aari from a person in Indira Nagar, may be it is lack of practise or understanding, I am not successful at it.
So I did this in my favourite mirror embroidery. I used the same design but instead of filling with chains, I used mirrors.
Also I used only 2 colors red and black on a yellow background. Somehow the photos are not showing true colors, with Flash it is too bright and without flash it is very dark, whereas in actual it is normal yellow color 🙂

Mirror Emb

Mirror Emb

Mirror Embroidery

Mirror Embroidery

For the petal kind of thing, I started with Woven picot stitch ( the right side down corner)  but then continued with woven Trellis stitch for all others ( in reverse direction, i.e I started from top and ended in base bcoz on other direction, I was getting a very pointed tip which was not matching with woven picot stitch 😦 )

I planned 2 pouches for this hanger, one is done and the other one is halfway. Also I am planning to use black stones/crystals to outline.( If I get such a thing from my nearby fancy store)

Have a look and post your comments.



2 thoughts on “Mirror Embroidery Letter Hanger

  1. Hi,
    Pics are great, I am also involved in reviving the ethinic art forms like kutch, kantha and kasuti.
    Thanks & Regards

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