Victorian Rose Doily

Hi All,

This is another doily I crocheted.

Victorian Rose Doily

Victorian Rose Doily

I saw this doily in this blog  and really liked it and started searching for the pattern.

I found it free  on the net and the level was marked as Intermediete.

I was little skeptical because I started crocheting very recently and was not sure whether I will be able to do it.

Nevertheless, I have to start somewhere so started reading the pattern to understand it.

To my surprise, it was not that difficult at all. All that is required is SC, DC, Shell stitches and everything was neatly explained in the pattern pdf.

I have given the pdf file link here , I got it free from the web. Just incase if you are not able to find it, then you can download it from here.

The other picture does not show the actual color, the roses are in rose color 🙂 and leaves are in leaf green  🙂

Victorian Rose Doily

Victorian Rose Doily

The Doily has not come perfect because, I made some mistakes in making the leaf and the count of crochet thread used was different. It is yet to be starched.

Also I expected the doily to come big, but it looks small  😦

Well, have a look and post your comments.



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