Kutch Embroidery in Pure Silk Saree

Hi All,

Today I am writing about an Embroidery saree which took almost 1.5 years for partial completion.

Kutch Embroidery Silk Saree

Kutch Embroidery Silk Saree

This is a pure silk saree with a different color border and without Zari I got this from Nalli Silks in Chennai for around Rs 2000.( I will start using the new Rupee symbol soon 🙂 ).

I gave it to a person to print a nice Kutch embroidery design. It has continuous border on double side and motifs all over the saree. And the Pallu design has 3 big motifs arranged in triangle.

Kutch Embroidery Pallu

Kutch Embroidery Pallu

It took almost 2 months of effort to complete the pallu part working for 2-3 hours a day. Now I have started the border. I am not able to devote enough time to this saree to finish the embroidery. Also I am facing some difficulty in doing the border as the frame covers only half part and so the material slackens while working. I can attach some extra cloth along the sides and do but I am too lazy to stitch by hand 😦 .

I have used silver colour tubes to decorate the kutch work diamonds and used Red and yellow Kundan stones for embellishment. It looks very attractive now. 🙂

Kutch Embroidery Pallu Motif

Kutch Embroidery Pallu Motif

The pallu and all the motifs of the saree are completed. Also the double side border in the pallu part is done.

Only the double side border of the body (other than pallu part)  is left.
I learnt that I should never attempt to embroider border for the saree as it is the most time-consuming part and poses difficulty also

Have a look at the pics and share your ideas or feelings.




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