Kutch Embroidery Handbag

Hi All,

Kutch Embroidery Handbag

Kutch Embroidery Handbag

This is a Kutch embroidery Handbag. It is not yet stitched as I am not confident enough in stitching.

I did this embroidery when I started learning Kutch work and mirror work. As cone thread was suggested for mirror/kutch work, I went to buy cone threads for the first time and was so impressed by this tricolour thread (yellow, orange, white ). This is the first cone thread I got and along with this I got a plain white colour cone thread also which I used later for mirror work.

I used only kutch and mirror work on this piece, for this I have made a handle strip also with only mirror work.

Mirror work in Handbag Handle

Mirror work in Handbag Handle

The design I tried out randomly without planning but it was actually inspired from Rajasthani mirror work handbags.

I liked it very much and embroidering this was challenging as I learnt kutch work at that time only.

Kutch Embroidery

Kutch Embroidery

Kutch Centre Close-Up

Kutch Centre Close-Up

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.




2 thoughts on “Kutch Embroidery Handbag

  1. your work is amazing could you please how to start embroidery on Sari.
    Because tracking the motif on sari is pretty difficult

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