Embroidery on Satin Cloth

Hi All,

This is another embroidery done in Satin Cloth.

Embroidery in Satin Cloth

Embroidery in Satin Cloth

The design is very simple and has only straight stitches. It was taken from “Embroidery” book by Mridula Nagarajan.

 I took two design patterns and combined it.

The centre design and the sheaf stitch border was taken from one, while the corner design is taken from the other.

 But it all goes well together.

Previously I posted about a table cloth design taken from that book which is also done in Sheaf stitch.

Embroidery in Satin

Embroidery in Satin

It can be used as a sitting mat or mat to display things.

Embroidery Corner

Embroidery Corner

Embroidery in Corner

Embroidery in Corner

When I started this, I made it to put on the back side of a quilt.

Embroidery center design

Embroidery center design

The Quilt was given away later but I dint want to part with this piece, it is one of my early embroidered stuff.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.




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