Table Mats in Matty Cloth

Hi All,

This is a  table mat, I embroidered in Matty Cloth.

Embroidery of geometrical figures in matty cloth is very easy and simple, and the cloth helps you in bringing symmetry to the design and the stitches.

The design is taken from Mridula Nagarajan’s book on Embroidery.

It is done with Sheaf stitch, fly stitch and straight stitches.

These pics are taken from Mobile phone, will update soon with more clear pics.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.




4 thoughts on “Table Mats in Matty Cloth

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  2. Hi,
    I am staying in Bahrain. Could anybody please tell me where can I get Matty cloth here in Bahrain.I am a home maker and wants to make some good designs and gift it to my husband.I also want some designs which are easy to start with

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