Hi All…

These days I’m trying my hand on Crochet. I have learnt the basic chain, SC and DC during school days. We used to make some hair bands with elastic bands and crochet on them on circles.Later lost touch with Crochet Craft. 

When I was browsing, I saw the cute beautiful flowers     and the fan shaped headband in Ninu’s blog . It looked so nice and I thought I should make an attempt to try them out. Thanks to Ninu , she helped me with how to videos and simpe patterns which helped me to start. Though initially I struggled, I think I got a hang of it now. So some of the pics for your views and feedbacks. 


Crochet Cover

 This Crochet Cover design was seen in Attic24 blog. Its a wonderful blog with colourful crochet articles. 

Pink Drawstring Bag

Pink Drawstring Bag - Open

 This is a very simple pattern which I found from net. I forgot the source but the bag name is Venusray.s Round- Base Goody Bag. I used only hdc and dc, it is a simple pattern and easy one for beginners.  

Fan Shaped Bookmarks

 These are fan-shaped Bookmarks. This is a free pattern from  here. 

Though it looks complicated( for me), they are very simple to do once the pattern is understood. I really loved making them as it gave me an accomplished feeling and it looks so cute and nice. 

Easy Pineapple Doily in Shaded Blue Anchor thread

This is Easy Pineapple Doily pattern from  here. 

It took time and effort for me to finish this doily and I’m not very satisfied with it. Mainly because as you see the design is not visible clearly in this doily because of shaded thread and second is I mistakenly added more stitches on the last and last but one rounds which gives a frilly edging look. 

I dipped the bookmarks and doily in starch solution and ironed and they look better after that. 

Bye for now… 

I will add some more crochet item pics in my next post.