Table Mats/Covers

Hi All,

This is one of the table mats I did in the past.The material is slightly dark peach coloured poplin.It has a centre design and corresponding corners also.

Full View

I got this design from one of the e-books on embroidery.

Center Flowers

I have used quite a number of stitches in this piece. Infact it is my trail of seed stitch and blanket stitches.Blanket stitch on the main flower petals, stem stitch for outlining, seed stitch filling inside the flowers,fishbone stitch for leaves, lazy daisy with french knots for the brown flower. And one more flower with chain stitch with lazy daisy.The connection between the flower is done with wheat ear stitch.

Corner Design

Again here, I have used lazy daisy for flowers and used double shades of blue.There is also a small ribbed wheel with fly stitches around. There is a small flower with satin stitches and buttonhole filling stitches.There are herringbone and chain stitch flowers also.The dark red flower with long tailed lazy daisy is my favourite. In that I have tried to use the Japanese Darning stitch with slight variation.

This is a close up of that, but this pic is taken using cell phone and so has very less clarity.

Japanese Darning-Variation

The blanket stitch flower with contrast colors is also my fav in this table mat. The inspiration I got from one of my friends dress.

The bottom flower was abandoned and rubbed off.

Again all these stitches are learnt from Embroidery Book by Mridula Nagarajan. It is a very good book to learn all the basic stitches and has very impressive designs.

Have a look at the pics.


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