Kutch Work Embroidery

Hi All, 

In the past, I learnt this Kutch work embroidery from internet. 

Initially I found this stitch very tricky because unknowingly I was making one small mistake in all my trials. 

Later when I followed closely, I found that and after that It was a cake walk. 

I like this stitch a lot, because it challenges you. Like it is basically done in 2 steps, Base skeleton and then interlacing, if you have done some mistake in base , then it is more likely you will not notice it there.. 🙂 but when you do the interlacing, you will be stuck. Well, we can do some backside work and save the piece but when you do it without mistake it gives u a great accomplished feeling. 🙂 . That was in beginner stage, now I have become a fan of this stitch and started using in my salwars and saree.( only 1 still going on 🙂 ) 

Pls find some of my samples. You can find more Kutch work samples in my blog as well as in the internet. Inspite of their little complexity , they are very popular. 

Kutch Sample 1

Kutch Sample 2

Kutch Sample 3

Kutch Sample 4

Have a look at the pics and post your comments. 


4 thoughts on “Kutch Work Embroidery

    • Hi Asra,

      There are lot of tutorials on Kutch work design. You can look here for the picture tutorial.
      If you get to know how to do the continous design, then the circle is no different. You start at one end , do the herringbone and come back to the beginning. And again start the interlacing till the other end, and return back. It is not worked on circles, just consider the circle as a curved straight line and work. It shouldn’t be difficult.
      Pls let me know if it is not clear.

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