Embroidered Holder/Pouch

Hi All,

This Letter Holder has 3 pouches and has 3 different designs on them.

Letter Holder- Full View

The material is Red Cotton fabric and both the base and the pouches are made from same material.

I tried 3 different designs on the pouches.

The first one is simple round design with Chevron stitch,closed button hole, running stitch and blanket stitch.

First Pouch-Close Up

The second one is a free hand design with fly stitch,cretan stitch and double daisy stitch along with some straight stitches.

Second Pouch-Close Up

For the third one, I used double cross stitch and used different colours.

Third Pouch-Close Up

Each picture looks in different colour and it is because of the use of flash. 🙂

The original piece colour is similar to the first pic colour.

It was fun to do and quite simple too.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.




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