Kutch Work Embroidery

Hi All, 

In the past, I learnt this Kutch work embroidery from internet. 

Initially I found this stitch very tricky because unknowingly I was making one small mistake in all my trials. 

Later when I followed closely, I found that and after that It was a cake walk. 

I like this stitch a lot, because it challenges you. Like it is basically done in 2 steps, Base skeleton and then interlacing, if you have done some mistake in base , then it is more likely you will not notice it there.. 🙂 but when you do the interlacing, you will be stuck. Well, we can do some backside work and save the piece but when you do it without mistake it gives u a great accomplished feeling. 🙂 . That was in beginner stage, now I have become a fan of this stitch and started using in my salwars and saree.( only 1 still going on 🙂 ) 

Pls find some of my samples. You can find more Kutch work samples in my blog as well as in the internet. Inspite of their little complexity , they are very popular. 

Kutch Sample 1

Kutch Sample 2

Kutch Sample 3

Kutch Sample 4

Have a look at the pics and post your comments. 


Table Mats/Covers

Hi All,

This is one of the table mats I did in the past.The material is slightly dark peach coloured poplin.It has a centre design and corresponding corners also.

Full View

I got this design from one of the e-books on embroidery.

Center Flowers

I have used quite a number of stitches in this piece. Infact it is my trail of seed stitch and blanket stitches.Blanket stitch on the main flower petals, stem stitch for outlining, seed stitch filling inside the flowers,fishbone stitch for leaves, lazy daisy with french knots for the brown flower. And one more flower with chain stitch with lazy daisy.The connection between the flower is done with wheat ear stitch.

Corner Design

Again here, I have used lazy daisy for flowers and used double shades of blue.There is also a small ribbed wheel with fly stitches around. There is a small flower with satin stitches and buttonhole filling stitches.There are herringbone and chain stitch flowers also.The dark red flower with long tailed lazy daisy is my favourite. In that I have tried to use the Japanese Darning stitch with slight variation.

This is a close up of that, but this pic is taken using cell phone and so has very less clarity.

Japanese Darning-Variation

The blanket stitch flower with contrast colors is also my fav in this table mat. The inspiration I got from one of my friends dress.

The bottom flower was abandoned and rubbed off.

Again all these stitches are learnt from Embroidery Book by Mridula Nagarajan. It is a very good book to learn all the basic stitches and has very impressive designs.

Have a look at the pics.


Embroidered Holder/Pouch

Hi All,

This Letter Holder has 3 pouches and has 3 different designs on them.

Letter Holder- Full View

The material is Red Cotton fabric and both the base and the pouches are made from same material.

I tried 3 different designs on the pouches.

The first one is simple round design with Chevron stitch,closed button hole, running stitch and blanket stitch.

First Pouch-Close Up

The second one is a free hand design with fly stitch,cretan stitch and double daisy stitch along with some straight stitches.

Second Pouch-Close Up

For the third one, I used double cross stitch and used different colours.

Third Pouch-Close Up

Each picture looks in different colour and it is because of the use of flash. 🙂

The original piece colour is similar to the first pic colour.

It was fun to do and quite simple too.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.




Embroidered Pillow Covers

Hi All,

These are pair of Embroidered Pillow Covers which I did for my Parents.

Embroidered Pillow Cover-1

Embroidered Pillow Cover-2

The colour is bright red. (yes it is danger color that too for pillow covers but my mom likes Red a lot so it is her preference).

In them, I have embroidered the alphabets N and K . The alphabets are first letters of my dad and mom’s name.

Around K, I tried to make a Crown kind of thing and for the border I used a design with Closed Button Hole Stitch.

The crown around K looks good but in the picture it is not very clear.Also the markings are gone in the real one. The picture was taken before washing and has the markings.

K- Close Up

I have an embroidery stitches  book by Mridula Nagarajan and the border design is taken from that book. I enlarged it to make little more bold.

N pillow Cover is pretty simple compared to K and it has embroidered flowers on four corners.

N -Close Up

The material is Soft Poplin and it is in good condition even after muliple washings.

Have a look at the pics and post your comments.




Cushion Cover(Long)

Hi ,

Today I am sharing an embroidery done by me sometime back.
The piece is designed as a cushion cover for a long cushion.
But I have still not found /bought a long cushion so I am having it as such.

The stitch is called Kutch or Sindhi takka. There are good number of tutorials on this in the internet. Rest are stem stitch and bit of blanket stitch.

Long Cushion-Full View

The corner design was taken from an another embroidery piece which I saw in a forum.
With the person permission, I used it with some modifications.

Corner View -1

Corner View -2

Corner View -3

I extended the corner design to the centre pattern also.

Center View-1

Center View- Close Up

Have a look on the pictures and post your comments.




Upgrading a Blouse

Hi All,

Welcome back,

I have tried to upgrade a normal blouse to a designer blouse 🙂

The below picture was the blouse of one of my saree. And I have embroidered along the neckline and embellished with some stones.

It looks good, but I dunno how comfortable it will be to wear.

Have a look and post your comments.