Usha Janome Allure – My New Sewing Machine

Hi All,

Almost a month back, I bought a new automatic sewing machine. I loved to own a automatic machine for a long time. I had the basic Tailor model Singer Merritt machine for around 2-3 years. I got the machine as second hand from a tailor where I learnt sewing. The machine was good, but I was not regular, so it often cracked and I had to repair.
Overall, it was good, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to buy a new machine.

To be honest, it was not the affordability, it was my commitment to sewing which bothered me and took long time in decision making. I don’t sew my dresses, though I learnt the basics, somehow my measurements are not perfect and with the limited time, I was not able to sew patiently. Did I tell time here?

Ok, this post is becoming a rant, so please bear with me.

I love to sit & sew in the machine, but my daughter does not like that, so she comes & grabs everything that is their in the machine’s table which are unfortunately sharp & harmful ( scissors & seam rippers, even the tape, she puts around her neck !! )

So I could sew when she sleep right, but again I have a job & so I will be away at that time. Our entire home sleeps by 10:30 , so sewing after 10:30 will make noise & wake up my daughter.
So with all these limitations, I postponed my wish of owning a sewing machine.

But at the beginning of this year, I felt a great urge, it is Now or Never.
So I browsed a lot abt sewing machine reviews, service centers etc.

There is a Sewing Machine review by Suma which was very detailed & nice. But unfortunately, I did not go for Bernette as there was no nearby dealer (near my location HAL) & also I wanted to exchange my old machine, so it will require 2-3 visits to the chikpet market.

Singer I heard has technical issues so settled with Usha Janome Brand Sewing Machine.
Next was deciding the model, I was contemplating between Stitch Magic and Allure. Stitch Magic has advanced & user friendly features than Allure.

I compared the features of Allure & stitch Magic and found all my requirements being satisfied with Allure. So finally zeroed on the Make & Product, So it is Usha Janome Allure.(Not very Basic nor very Advanced.)


Pic Courtesy : Usha Janome Allure

I bought it from SKB Enterprises in Marthahalli & exchanged my old sewing machine. The entire buying was very smooth & the shop keeper was helpful & patient.
I got a quick demo from the shop keeper on the various stitches.
Later almost after a month, I got demo from the Usha Service Center.
He spoke only Kannada & I tried to understand as much as I can.

The Machine is very easy to use & needs a sturdy table else it vibrates.
The machine came with standard foot( Normal foot,zipper foot, Buttonhole and also a plate(small) for embroidery. They have provided a Accessories Catalog which lists the other feet available for this machine.
So if you require a Pin Tuck foot or a Ruffler foot(and many more I wished for these 2 & so it remained in my memory), pls check your nearby dealer, he may be able to source it for you. I’m planning to buy both of them by the end of this year.
Now I got a new machine, I’m waiting to sew so many things which I ogle endlessly in the web.


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49 thoughts on “Usha Janome Allure – My New Sewing Machine

  1. Hi Sangheetha,
    I loved your blog. I like the angry bird you have made. I too have a sewing machine. Its SINGER fashion maker and it is more than a friend to me. I use it alter my clothes(which my tailors often spoil) , to sew lining to some of my crochet projects. I will be moving out in a few months time and I cant believe that I cannot carry it with me :( This just makes my heart weep :( I don’t know how I’ll work without my machine. I’m not a gr8 sewer, but I do manage to do a decent job when it comes to alterations and lining. I felt like sharing it with your after seeing your new sewing machine. Congrats on it.
    Please do visit my blog and have look at my small crochet world!

    • Hi Ritz,
      So far Allure has been good. It is good sturdy machine with basic + little extra stitches.
      Maintenancewise, it is almost zero maintenance, except for needle changing, I have not touched the insides for anything.
      Oiling once in a week, will keep the machine good.

      It is a good buy according to me :-)

  2. Hey! Love your blog and have been following for awhile. I picked up Usha Janome Allure, but unfortunately my toddler son passed the Demo cd to my dog who indeed scratched it. I was wondering if you could share the demo video online . Thank You!

  3. Hi Vidya,
    I will surely try to do it.
    But not sure how to upload the entire video here.
    Let me check out and get back..
    Meanwhile, i can always send the CD to you for ur reference.
    Mailing you :-)

      • I got new allure too, I always thought of buying one with no previous experience in this field. But i have lot of interest in it, Now the problem is i followed the instructions given in manual, while threading needle i found that there is no take up lever as per the diagram given in the manual book. While browsing for images in google for Usha Allure, In some pictures thread take up lever is clearly visible and some pictures it is not there(even in your blog usha allure machine picture, thread take up lever is not visible).
        i want to know whether take up lever is with outside appearance of the machine or kept inside in the machine.
        if the take up lever is missing in my machine kindly give some guidance, what shall i do.
        i bought it from online store Homeshop18.For returning the product and replacing new with Homeshop18 is very difficult process.

      • Hi Nandhu, The thread take up lever is hidden in Allure but not unreachable. when you thread the needle, from the thread holder, you do a ‘W’ and when you peep in you can see the thread being caught in the thread take up lever.

        The take up lever is not a closed circle in allure, instead it is an open big C. so when you do the “W” motion with the thread, the thread is caught in the thread take up lever.

        Incase you have more doubts, call up Usha Customer care and ask for demo. They are supposed to do 1-2 free demo’s for every purchase of their machine. Irrespective of from where you get it. So do not worry, call them up. Incase you are not getting any response and not getting demo, just walk in to nearby sewing machine dealer and ask them to show how to thread the machine specifically Usha Janome Allure. They will help.

        I’ll also try to take a pic .

        Thanks, Sangheetha.

  4. I have a Stitch Magic, and am also interested in additional presser feet – Ruffler or Gathering, Pin Tuck, Even Feed, as well as ball point needles especially twin needles. I have been searching for these online. Tried the Singer Company in Delhi but got no help from them. Was able to get a darning/embroidery foot from the Singer showroom in Madgaon, Goa. If you are able to procure the feet you require, can you PLEASE inform me. I do a lot of sewing and enjoy it too.

    • Hi,

      I have sewn only with the basic foot so far. When I bought the machine, the dealer gave a brochure for additional feets and said these are not readily available but he can get if I place the order.
      Can you pls try once with the nearby dealer for Usha Janome Sewing machine?


    • Did you have any luck Grace? I have been trying to locate accessories for the Allure too, with not much luck. Please let me know if you find anything online. Thanks.

      • Yes, Kim, I’ve had plenty of luck! A couple of months ago, I acquired a Ruffling foot, an Even Feed (walking) foot, a pintucking foot, a binding foot which makes and attaches bias binding in one go, a three-way cording foot, an overedging foot, all online from ebay india. Then, on Saturday, I found and purchased a gathering foot and a ribbon/sequin foot from the local (Dehradun) Usha dealer. Have spent nearly 7000/- on these. I also took advantage of the Diwali deals and purchased a Janome Dream Maker 120 for Rs.26,099 (the marked price is anything between Rs.32,000-35,000) and this came with 8 more presser feet, so am feeling very rich indeed! My hearing impaired daughter and I do a lot of stitching/tailoring.

        The name of the supplier at Ebay is Usha Sales Corporation or Usha Machine and Electricals and their contact details are :
        Phone No: +919503503444
        Email :

        Or you can go to ebay india, google sewing machines and accessories. Let me know how it goes. All the best!

        I think almost all these presser feet will be compatible with your Allure, but no harm in contacting the supplier and making sure. Of the two feet I bought last, the gathering foot says it’s compatible with Oscillating Hook Models (your Allure and my Stitch Magic – front loading), and the ribbon/sequin foot with Horizontal Rotary Hook Models (my Dream Maker – top loading). As I have both types now, the feet will fit at least one of them. But if the foot is not compatible with your machine, then it will be a waste, and the parts are rather expensive. I have no idea why they are not universal/standard. I will try out the ribbon/sequin foot on my Stitch Magic though, to see if it works there!


      • Hi Sangeetha, on November 10, 2014, I had sent a response to Kimberly’s query regarding presser feet. I don’t see my response here, and was wondering if she got all the information which I sent.

  5. Which is better Usha allure or Usha wonderstitch?
    I found stitch magic is around 75-80% more than allure and wonderstitch is 10-15% more than allure. Any idea about what is good in wonderstitch other than auto threading?

  6. Hi all,
    I want the details of no. of stitches and what are they. Please any one post this.

    Anitha Sivasankarakumar.

    • Responding to Vani’s query: I am quite a veteran seamstress. I’m not very sure what additional features you have in Allure (I have a Stitch Magic), but I think that whereas your Singer Merritt will do just the basic sewing, with your Allure you can : (!) Use the decorative stitches to do the bottom of the salwar, (2) Use the zigzag or “ladder stitch” to do the overlocking of both the salwar and the kameez so that they don’t fray, and (3) use the decorative stitches to beautify your kameez by just making rows of the stitches in one or more colours! Your Allure with give you much more joy, creativity and enjoyment than the humble Merritt!

  7. hi i have bought usha genome but my problem is im unable to stitch two clothes together ,imean attaching two clothes etc..please give an idea of using patern selector .i read the manual its not working .is there any problem with my machine or with needle.the minute i stich two clothes,thread goes away frm needle.

    • Hi,

      Sometimes even I have faced the issue that the thread is getting cut often when the fabric is thick(like when I have folded both the clothes to stitch on while top stitching).
      1. Check the bobbin tension
      2. Re-thread just in case if there is any miss
      3. Adjust the top thread tension slightly and check whether it is less.
      If you still feel that the thread is getting cut often, pls chk with the dealer on this issue.

  8. Hi sangheetha… Loved reading your blog.. I saw ur blog while googling abt usha janome sewing machine. And when i started reading this post.. O my! so much of similarities between us. I went for a stitching class in blore and later bought a secong hand Singer Merritt from the institute itself. I was happy with it so far. Used to stitch a few for myself and household needs. Later i couldn’t be regular with it after my son’s birth. And now he is a toddler and even i am concerned abt the sharp sewing materials we use. So totally avoided stitching. Now that my Merritt in a very bad condition so i was thinking about exchanging it and getting a table top machine. So googled and thus reached your blog. Very happy to read ur blog. Thanks for the informations given.
    By the way do u stay near HAL – Marathahalli. I stay in yemlur, near HAL.

    • Thanks Maria for the compliments. I so much echo your feelings. I’m not using my machine much but atleast it is there when I want to do some mending :-).
      I live near HAL , L B Shastry Nagar. I know Yemlur area, I have crossed via those roads while commuting.
      Nice to know you.
      Happy Stitching.

  9. Hi sangheetha…. Thank you for your blog. From last 2 yrs. I am thinking to buy an automatic machine… I can stitch anarkalli suits and design saree s with border very well. I am staying @ kolkata. So is it worthy to buy a machine for single use only?

    • I dont stitch regualarly , but whenever I need to, I do it and it saves lot of time and effort instead of taking the piece to the tailor and getting it done.
      It depends on your usages, normal salwar stitching and lots of garments,can be stitched in the usual tailor model machine. Automatic machine is for the extra stitches and features. Pls visit the dealer and have a good look of everything they have and decide on the machine. It helps.

  10. Hi sangeetha..Can i stich jeans cloth with usha janome allure machine???

    may i know which one is best among allure or fashion??

    • Yes you can stitch Jeans cloth with Allure.
      Sorry,I dont have details on which one is better between Allure and Fashion. Pls check with the dealer. He can show demo and also the variety of stitches it has.

  11. thanks…ur review helped me to fix with usha. I was tossing between singer and usha. Cheaper than singer i thought about usha. But about the model again came confusion. allure and dream stitch. now i got the answer.

      • To nsangheetha for Fariha: In all sewing machines, a whole range of needles can be used. The appropriate one depends on the type of material you are stitching. For ‘normal’ i.e. everyday stitching – cottons and some synthetics, no: 14 is usually used. If the fabric is thick, use a number 16. For curtains, I use number 18. For delicate material use number 11. If your sewing machine does zigzag stitching, you can even use “twin needles” to make interesting designs. For knitted material (hosiery etc. a ‘ball-point” needle should be used.

  12. hi sangeetha,
    thanks for your sharing.
    what is the price of the usha allure in skb enterprises?
    what is the difference between the allure model and wonder stitch/
    what are Accessories give with the allure machine?
    because i also want to buy from skb enterprises, marathahalli

  13. Hi Grace,
    I too have been searching for additional presser feet online, but it just gets too confusing. Have you had any luck locating any? Also, do you need the darning foot to do machine embroidery? What does it look like?

  14. Sangeetha, have you posted the demo cd online? If so, I would love to have the link as I did not receive any such cd :(

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